DATES: JULY 13 -15 2018
LOCATION: Woodbridge Fair Grounds, Vaughan, ON L4L 2A2
TIME: JULY 13 -  5PM to 11PM
JULY 14 - 11AM to 11PM
JULY 15 - 11AM to 6PM

Culinary adventures shape every side of global culture. The GTA's newest food festival explores your foodie senses with one theme - wheels. Fun Food Fest offers this experience in a sprawling outdoor location at the historic Woodbridge Fair property. 


These aren't your typical food trucks - Fun Food Fest brings an assortment of gourmet creators to the property on wheels.  Food truck options fill the park, meaning there's something for just about everybody.

Most importantly, Fun Food Fest provides families with the opportunity to share, experience and appreciate unique eats collectively. Keep the little ones entertained at the circus-themed property. Fun Food Fest is jam-packed with vendors, music and family entertainment. Vaughan's community is coming together, offering attendees the chance to support local culinary artisans while meeting at a neighborhood meeting place. A rural space in an urban place 100 Porter Avenue in Vaughan!

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